• Free installation service in Bangkok Metropolitan Region
  • Security alarms: break-in, high temperature, and unregistered password for 5 times
  • Low battery alarm
  • Smart notifications on outdoor body (Locked/Unlocked icon)
  • Smart keypad with Numeric Touchscreen including anti-peep password and prevention of fingerprint exposure system.
  • Key Card with small and portable size
  • Emergency Power Supplier by making contact between the 9V emergency battery and the terminal.

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VECO Japan digital lock L1301 is suitable for wooden or thick steel swing door. Use 4 AA batteries. Unlock by passwords or RFID cards up to 100 cards.  Strong and durable with quality materials from Korea. 1-year warranty with free installation in Bangkok Metropolitan Region. Features of digital door lock
Door Type Swing door Door Thickness 40-50 mm.
Lock System Password Passwords (4-12 digits) : Up to 4 each
Key Card Key cards up to 100
Battery DC 6V 4 AA batteries
Backup Battery DC 9V 9V batteries
Optional Features Remote Control