Digital Door Lock FD RedDot AWARD2019 winner


  • Free installation service in Bangkok Metropolitan Region
  • Break-in security alarm
  • Application alert when unrecognized fingerprint or unregistered cards are detected.
  • Low battery alarm
  • Locked/Unlocked icon
  • Connect with iOS and Android mobile applications through Bluetooth.
  • Manage the unlocking permissions, load the opening records, and share the App unlocking permission remotely.

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The best value of VECO digital door lock, FD PRO received the RedDot award 2019. Design for more than a door handle. Connect to both iOS and Android mobile via Bluetooth connection. Include smart features such as managing unlocking permissions and sharing the App unlocking permission remotely. Simply install to existing doorknob without redrilling the door. No need to connect to a wired power source. Use 2 AAA batteries for up to 1-year battery life*. Received multiple certifications such as EU RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU and Its Amendment Directs, SRRC-Radio Type Approval Certification. Features of digital door lock
Door Type Swing door Door Thickness 33-55 mm.
Lock System Password Passwords (4-12 digits): Up to 4 each
Key Card Key cards up to 100
Fingerprint up to 50
Mechanical key 3 each
Battery DC 6V 2 AAA batteries
Optional Features Mobile Application support
* Lock/unlock 10 times a day.